Regaleira ready for historic Satsuki Sho bid

Tuesday, 09 April, 2024 17:13

Regaleira, the first filly to win the Hopeful Stakes is prepped and ready for the Satsuki Sho. If she wins, it will be the first victory in 76 years for a filly in the Japanese 2000 Guineas, since Hide Hikari in 1948.

After her last race in December, Regaleira spent some time at Northern Farm Tenei in Fukushima Prefecture and returned to the Miho Training Center on March 14th. Assistant Kusunoki said, "She came back refreshed and feeling pretty good. It is not that she has gained weight, but her body has become fuller, and her hair looks better than last year. I think it was a good rest".

A week ago, she showed her sharpness in a fast piece of work, the final 1F sectional of 10.9s with jockey Hiroshi Kitamura at her back. The assistant said, "Things have changed for the better since last week's training and her appetite was good, so we decided to give her a good piece of work. As you can see on the clock, the straight lines were excellent".

Looking back on her third-place effort in the Ivy Stakes, he said, "She was too relaxed at that time. In the Hopeful Stakes, I had confidence in her, and I'm happy with the result.". He continued, "A horse that runs has a great ability to turn their mind on and off. Equinox was the same way. Regaleira's riding style and appearance are not as good as her looks, but she has a great feel," he said, referring to her stablemate who became the highest rated horse in the world.

Regaleira's usual rider, Christophe Lemaire, was injured in a fall from a horse while racing in Dubai has had to be replaced. There has been no official announcement on riding arrangements for the Satsuki Sho. Regaleira will once again attempt to beat the colts and climb the ladder to becoming a JRA great.

Article Creds:Daily Sports


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