Veteran JRA jockey Futoshi Komaki aims for swansong at NAR Sonoda Racecourse

Saturday, 13 April, 2024 03:11

Futoshi Komaki

Jockey Futoshi Komaki announced on the 11th his intent to return to his former base in Hyogo prefecture racing. If realized, it would mark the first time a jockey has transitioned from the JRA back to NAR local racing. Komaki plans to retake the local racing license exams, sitting for the NAR's first examination in May and, upon passing, the second examination in July. If successful, he could make his local racing re-debut as early as August at NAR Sonoda Racecourse.

After transferring from Hyogo to the JRA in 2004, veteran jockey Futoshi Komaki, marking 20 years in the major leagues, has chosen a new path. "I thought about transferring last year. I considered retiring, but I realized I was still uncertain because I love being a jockey. I wanted to ride until I'm 60 and lay down my whip at Sonoda," he reflected. With 3,376 wins in local Hyogo races, this legend expresses his eagerness for a return to his roots.

On the day of the JRA and NAR inter-league races at Sonoda Racecourse, Komaki rode in a total of eight races, securing a win, three second-place finishes, and two thirds. "In the JRA, I experimented a lot but struggled to get enough rides. However, I still believed I could ride. Last week I rode six mounts and today eight, and I felt I could still compete. I need to pass the first and second exams, and while there's a chance I might fail, I will study hard," he stated with determination.

Article Creds:Daily Sports


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