Leading jockey Yuga Kawada achieved new milestone

Monday, 07 August, 2023 20:42

Trendy Star and Yuga Kawada (Photo by: Yuki Shimono)

On the 6th, jockey Yuga Kawada achieved his 1,919th victory in the 10th race of Niigata racecourse, riding Trendy Star. With this win, he surpassed the record of 1,918 victories held by former jockey Shinji Fujita, making him the 9th winning-most jockey in JRA (Japan Racing Association).

Yuga Kawada, born in 1985, has had an impressive career, securing 37 G1. As of the time of writing, he has already ridden 93 winners in 2023 and currently holds the top position in the jockey standings.

In response to his achievement, Kawada commented, "I am grateful to many horses and all the people involved for helping me reach this point. From next week onwards, I will continue to strive for more and deliver the results expected by the public and connections. I also hope to bring results that make the audience happy, giving my best in each and every race."


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